Debt Recycling

Debt Recycling can be an effective strategy to accumulate wealth over the long-term. It is a process of using surplus capital or cash flow to reduce inefficient debt and then redrawing it with efficient debt in the form of an investment loan. The investment loan proceeds are then invested to form part of your investment portfolio. The inefficient debt is eventually extinguished and an investment loan with fully tax deductible interest remains.

There are no tax benefits available on debt used for personal purposes, but a tax deduction is available on the interest expenses on investment loans, where the loan is used to purchase income producing assets. Debt recycling therefore results in a more tax efficient outcome and wealth accumulation benefits through accumulation of an investment portfolio. You should note that the investment loan would need to be repaid at some point in time. To implement this strategy, your tolerance for risk should allow you to feel comfortable with borrowing to invest. There are two ways debt recycling can be undertaken: 

Lump Sum Debt Recycling

If you have available capital such as bank account savings, this can be used to repay any inefficient debt, such as a home mortgage or personal loan. An investment loan can then be taken for the same amount and be used to invest in an investment portfolio. 

Regular Debt Recycling

If you have regular surplus income, this can be used to increase the regular repayments on your inefficient debt, such as your home mortgage or personal loan. An investment loan can then be drawn by a corresponding amount and the proceeds
used to invest in an investment portfolio.

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